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2018 International Conference on Creationism

High quality proposals for a wide variety of different disciplines are now invited for submission for the Eighth International Conference on Creationism (ICC) to be held from Sunday, July 29 - Wednesday, August 1, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA. In continuation of the Seventh ICC, the theme of the Eighth ICC is again Developing and Systematizing the Creation Model of Origins. Interested author(s) should submit an electronic proposal according to the guidelines of the Author's Manual. Please see the instructions below to make your proposal submission.

Authors need to adhere to the following deadlines:

  • Proposal Deadline: January 31, 2017
  • First Draft Dedline: September 30, 2017
  • Final Draft Deadline: March 31, 2018
  • Final Date to have accepted the typeset proof of your paper: May 31, 2018

Submitted proposals and papers should not be submitted elsewhere while being considered by the ICC editorial staff for inclusion in the 2018 ICC proceedings. All the work in a paper should be original and should not have been fully published elsewhere. Review papers are allowed, as long as a similar review by the author hasn't been published elsewhere. Proposal acceptance is no guarantee that your eventual paper will also be accepted.

Interested author(s) should submit an electronic proposal for their paper no later than 31 January 2017 using this official website. The on-line proposal submission process is now ready to accept proposals. Please see the instructions below. Early submission is highly recommended. Proposals will be evaluated quickly (generally within a month), so if they are accepted, authors can begin work on their papers. Required as part of the proposal submission are the following:

  1. Primary author
  2. Co-authors
  3. Affiliation of authors and co-authors
  4. Email of main author
  5. Phone number of main author
  6. Title of proposed paper
  7. Key words (no more than 8)
  8. Area and sub-area of paper
  9. Body of Proposal (300-800 words)
  10. Five pertinent references (using the correct style: see the authorís manual)
  11. Three suggested experts (peer-reviewers) who are capable of reviewing this proposal and the eventual paper. Note: the editors will ultimately decide who will review the proposal and paper. You will need to supply contact information for each of your suggested reviewers. Suggest reviewers who are capable of critically evaluating your proposal and eventual paper; they may not necessarily be reviewers who might give you a favorable review.
  12. Authorís Biography (100 words or less). If there are multiple authors, each author must supply a biography. These will be published along with the authorís paper
  13. A brief statement by the author explaining:
    • How this work (or proposed work) is unique and hasnít been published elsewhere
    • How this work will contribute to the Creation model of origins
    • Why we should consider this proposal for inclusion in the ICC Proceedings
  14. A non-refundable submission fee of $25 (per proposal) will be charged whether your proposal is accepted or not. The money will be used to help offset clerical expenses for editing the proceedings. Payment can be made using PayPal at the ICC authorís website, or a check can be mailed directly to Creation Science Fellowship, Inc., P.O. Box 99303, Pittsburgh, PA 15233-4303. Write the authorís last name and a key word or two on the memo line to identify the title of your paper. This is especially important if you are submitting more than one proposal.

Proposals dealing with the age of the earth/universe must be from a young-earth perspective. Proposals from an old-earth, local flood, geocentric, anti-relativity, or anti-quantum mechanics perspectives will not be considered for the proceedings.

Each proposal will be evaluated by the Editorial Board Chairman in consultation with the Area Editors. If accepted, the author will be notified by the Editorial Board Chairman no later than 28 February 2017. If rejected, there is no appeal procedure at the Proposal stage; the Editors' decisions are final. Authors can however revise a rejected proposal and resubmit it as long as it is before the proposal deadline (31 January, 2017). Area Editors may (or may not) suggest reasons for rejection or recommendations for revision. Drafts of papers will be peer-reviewed and the ICC Editors will decide if the paper is worthy for inclusion in the proceedings. You will find further instructions for submitting proposal and papers in the Author's Manual. For additional questions or technical assistance please contact the ICC Editorial Board Chairman, Dr. John Whitmore at johnwhitmore@cedarville.edu .

The Conference theme is partitioned into five major areas and each area is partitioned into sub-areas. When you submit your proposal, you will be asked to choose one of the areas below along with a sub-area that best fits the subject of your proposal. At the time of submission you will be given the opportunity to choose an initial ICC Area Editor appropriate for the review of your proposal (which may be changed by the ICC editorial staff).

  1. HumanitiesHumanities Sub-Areas:
    a. Biblical and theological studies
    b. History
    c. Linguistics
    d. Music and literature
    e. Philosophy
  2. Social sciences Social sciences Sub-Areas:
    a. Anthropology
    b. Archaeology
    c. Geography
    d. Psychology
    e. Sociology
  3. Natural sciences Natural sciences Sub-Areas:
    a. Astronomy
    b. Atmospheric sciences
    c. Biology
    d. Chemistry
    e. Earth sciences
    f. Environmental sciences
    g. Oceanography
    h. Physics
  4. Formal sciences Formal science Sub-Areas:
    a. Applied mathematics
    b. Computers and computer modeling
    c. Logic
    d. Mathematics
    e. Statistics
    f. Systems science
    g. Engineering
  5. Professional and applied sciences Professional and applied sciences Sub-Areas:
    a. Education
    b. Journalism, media studies and communication
    c. Law
    d. Library and museum studies
    e. Medicine, ethics and human biology
    f. Public policy

Instructions for Proposal Submission

  1. Make sure that you have read the fourteen items in the Call for Proposals above that will need to be entered when submitting a proposal.
  2. Don't forget to pay a proposal submission fee for each proposal. The fee helps defray various editorial and conference expenses. If a fee is not paid, the proposal will not be considered.
    Payment can be made through PayPal using your credit card.
    If you have already made your submission fee payment you can proceed to make your proposal submission on the Cedarville University ICC Proceedings web page.
  3. You will be notified by email when a proposal has been successfully submitted.
  4. It will take approximately one month for your proposal to be reviewed. Acceptance of a proposal does not guarantee the acceptance of a paper.
  5. Be sure to read the complete Author's Manual. before submission.
  6. If you have any questions please contact the Editorial Board Chairman, Dr. John Whitmore johnwhitmore@cedarville.edu .

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