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ICC 2013 Conference Header

The 2013 ICC was a Great Success

354 attendees, including 19 walk-ins, from 9 countries enjoyed the 2013 ICC conference. This was the first time the ICC tried to broaden conference participation by offering it via a webinar and 29 individuals and groups from around the world, such as Singapore and Peru, participated using this method.

A CD of the conference proceedings is now available and can be ordered on the proceedings page.

Speaking of success, Dr. Steve Austin's Pittsburgh Geology Field Trip on August 3rd was enjoyed by 96 people, two bus loads, on a guided tour of Pittsburgh's rich geological features.

The DVD-ROM containing both the audio and PowerPoint presentations for the 2013 ICC conference sessions is now available for $34.99.

This disc contains the audio in MP3 format for 42 sessions and the PowerPoint/PDF slides for 46 sessions including the 5 evening presentations and the panel discussion.

Visit our proceedings page to order your copy or click the Buy Now button.

These discs will begin shipping the week of October 27.

This special boxed set of proceedings is now available for ordering on the proceedings page or click the Buy Now button.